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Consumption. Condition. Continuation

Dear New Yorkers,

My name is Sheikh Musa Drammeh.  I am 57 years old; a husband, father, religious leader, proud resident of the Bronx and the founder of Lifestyle Lifespan movement.  I create this initiative because, like most of my fellow Bronxites, I am sick and tired of my borough being the unhealthiest county in our state year after year.  I have committed to doing something about it.  Like many other healthy lifestyle activists, I want to help change the lifestyles of my fellow Bronxites and others through leading by example at my old age.  Lifestyle Lifespan is our new healthy lifestyle revolution initiative.  It’s for people of all ages and genders.

At times, we hold weekly group physical activities Live in various iconic spots in the city to help motivate our fellow New Yorkers into a more active, physical and healthier lifestyle.  Healthy lifestyle increases longevity, provides better quality of life, and save individuals, corporations and the government a fortune in health related costs as well as increase labor force productivity.

Homebound participants can follow us on our Lifestyle Lifespan App.

The fact is untampered nature has us all covered.  Our bodies are fully equipped for self- protection and nurturing.  However when we deny our bodies the wholesome food, natural clean water and rigorous physical activities that are naturally customized within, their inbuilt defensive and nurturing mechanisms are inadvertently rendered dysfunctional.  Sadly with the global rise of Fast-foods and fast lifestyles, our bodies and minds are held hostage in an unhealthy environments of processed foods, sugary drinks, sedentary lifestyle and the endless pursuit of worldly possessions in the expense of our health.

We are indeed excited to introduce Lifestyle Lifespan movement as a remedy.

Lifestyle Lifespan program consists of three pillars:

  • What we consume, how we consume, why we consume, and when we consume.
  • Physical Activities, Flexible Muscles, Positive Mental Attitude, and Moral Discipline.
  • Commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle permanently.

Lifestyle Lifespan Social Club

Founded in the Bronx, New York City, where we’ve been unfortunately rated the unhealthiest county in the state for years and being among the poorest in the nation, we’ve decided to deal with this unacceptable condition head on with our “Lifestyle Lifespan”, a healthy lifestyle revolution.

As a movement established to promote healthy lifestyle and create a platform in which health and wellness issues can be discussed and subject expertise shared, Lifestyle Lifespan movement is long overdue in some of the less-affluent communities.

Lifestyle Lifespan movement seeks partnership from religious organizations, schools, government agencies, private businesses, healthcare experts, celebrities, stakeholders and interested individuals as a preventative program.

Lifestyle Lifespan initiative facilitates all facets of lifestyle issues in relations to health and wellness for individuals and families.  It sponsors forums, competitions, conventions, researches and sports including the running of Marathon and others.

And there is no place that needs such initiative more-so than the Bronx.  Through Lifestyle Lifespan we will organize health related forums: exercise classes, diet and nutritional sessions, home and environmental health practice, personal hygiene and mental, spiritual health and wellness discussions, etc…

Promoting a healthy lifestyle must be a public-private worthy endeavor: a partnership of government, corporations, celebrities, clergy, educators, NGOs and families.

For example, when Mayor Bloomberg introduced the public smoking ban and minimizing sugary beverage exposure to our children a decade ago in New York City, special interest groups (lobbyists) had declared war on him.  They went into their usual public misleading toolbox and came up with a whole host of attacks and name-callings.  Today, no one disputes the health benefits of banning public smoking and sugary drinks.  Furthermore, these special interests groups have long been a thorn on scientists who warned policy-makers about the health problems associated with processed foods, sugary drinks, smoking and others.

As leaders and professionals who live in some of the unhealthiest neighborhoods in the nation, we can no longer remain silent about this genocidal yet preventable condition.

Lifestyle Lifespan Social Club

Consumption. Condition. Continuation 

2 Hours Exercise. Twice a Week.

  1. 6 Minutes of meditation
  2. 100 Jumping Jacks
  3. 10 Push ups
  4. 100 Sit-ups
  5. 6 Minutes of stretching
  6. 100 Punches (half & half).
  7. 6 Minutes of single foot standing (half & half).
  8. 100 Back cycling
  9. 10 Push ups
  10. 6 Minutes of kneeling
  11. 50 Squats
  12. 6 Minutes of squatting
  13. 100 Front Kicks (half & half)
  14. 10 Push ups
  15. 6 Minutes of legs folding
  16. 100 Side Kicks (half & half).
  17. 6 Minutes of splitting (half & half).
  18. 100 Back Kicks (half & half).
  19. 10 Push ups
  20. 6 Minutes of toes touching (half & half).
  21. 6 Minutes of spot running
  22. 10 Push ups
  23. 6 Minutes of testimonial/story telling/encouragement
  24. 100 Ounce of water daily

10 Lifestyle Lifespan Wisdoms: 

  1. Live Right
  2. Love Right
  3. Consume Right
  4. Sleep Right
  5. Rest Right
  6. Earn Right
  7. Environment Right
  8. Associate Right
  9. Think Right
  10. Follow Right 

Check list: Do you live right?     Are sleeping right?     Etc.

Lifestyle Lifespan Social Club 

Monthly Membership Fee: $100 for individuals. $160 Couple. $200 for family of 3, and $50 for each additional family member. $50 for 12 through 18 years old. Monthly payment are in advance and there are no refunds after the first day of the month regardless of usage or lack thereof.

Lifestyle Lifespan Social Club is an integrated health, wellness and wealth accumulation club, where members are committed to healthy and solvent lifestyles. Members engage in physical activities, healthy diet, adhere to stress less socialization, practice prudent financial management, maintained peaceful coexistence and positive mental attitude. No smoking, alcohol, vaping, gambling, pornography, violence, revealing attires and sexual harassment in lifestyle Lifespan facilities and pubic events.

Membership is open to men and women of 12 years and older. Exercises and socialization can be for single genders (in separate rooms or separate days), where applicable. As demographics of our city changes, so must the way services are delivered.  New York City is home to a fast growing public modesty-observing residents that must not be denied access to suitable facilities or forced to compromise their modesty.   Lifestyle Lifespan social Clubs open every day from 6:00 AM -10:00 PM.

Disclaimer. As a member of Lifestyle Lifespan Social Club, I have read and accepted in its entirety the membership terms and conditions without any reservations and I shall abide by them accordingly. 


Lifestyle Lifespan Social Club


Master Jackets:  Special recognition of jackets are given to members who are cable of performing these exercises seamlessly. Additional patches can be earned by quitting unhealthy habits, such as stop smoking, drinking, drugs, junk-food, soda, etc., or adopting healthy habits, such as regular exercise, healthy eating, etc.



We will require loose clothing during these sessions for comfort and modesty.  These physical exercises are beneficial to people of all ages and genders, especially people who use extended periods of time sitting during the day.

We do not need any particular exercising machines, equipment or venues. All our exercises can be accomplish everywhere, naturally.  We will be doing them indoors, outdoors and in parks during suitable weather conditions.  We would not permit performance enhancers, junk-foods, smoking, alcohol, sodas for club members.

Please check for the latest information and activity schedules. Thank you!



This is a Copy Right protected property of Lifestyle Lifespan.  No non-member is permitted to copy/use it without written permission. 


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